01. I Am Abomination
02. Nathicana
03. Sculptor Of Flesh [video]
04. Celestial Deconstruction
05. To Rottendom
06. From The Deeps
07. Slaves To Slaughter
08. Hellfire





Liberation [order]
Beyond The..

1349 rose from the ashes of Alvheim in 1997, with Ravn (vocals & drums), Tjalve (guitars), Seidemann (bass) and
Balfori (guitars). They recorded, but never released a demo in early '98. Balfori quit shortly after due to musical differences.
In '99 they recorded the never released promo "Chaos Preferred". By then, the band realised they needed another guitarist
and found Archaon whose speed and technique took their music to a new level of intensity and brutality.
Come spring 2000, 1349 decided to record a new promo showcasing their new material and Frost of Satyricon was asked
to lay down the drums tracks to get the speed required. Frost was later so impressed by the new material that he asked to
join 1349 as a permanent member. Holycaust Records offered them a deal and released the new promo as an eponymous
By early 2001, the band felt they had enough killer songs for a full-length album - 'Liberation'. Recorded and mixed at Gordon
Studios, 'Liberation' blended old school soundscapes with modern warp-speed hysteria. In the wake of such yet unreleased
but unforgiving material, 1349 supported Gorgoroth, Cadaver Inc. and later performed at the 'Hole in the Sky'festival in Bergen
in 2001 as well as the Inferno Festival in Oslo in 2002.
After signing a new deal with Candlelight Records, 'Liberation'was released in April 2003. That year was when 1349 began to
reap the fruits of their dark labour - their debut album received critical and public acclaim and several magazines hailed the
band as The Newcomer of the Year. They were rebooked to play Oslo-based Inferno Festival and Germany's high profile, With
Full Force where they shared the stage with such high calibre bands as Zyklon, My Dying Bride and Moonspell. Their first
European tour with compatriots Aeternus and Red Harvest in November ended the year on a high for 1349.
No rest for the wicked, however and only a month after they returned from the tour, the band entered Studio Studio Nyhagen
to record the follow-up to 'Liberation'. Released by Candlelight Records in April of the following year, 'Beyond the Apocalypse'
helped 1349 secure their quality old school black metal reputation.
On top of touring Europe with Gorgoroth in the fall of 2004, 1349 performed at Aalborg Metal Fest in Denmark, Nihil Extreme
Music Festival in Italy and Arnhem Metal Meeting in the Netherlands as well as the Hole In The Sky, Maane and Working
Class Hero Festivals in Norway.

'Hellfire', the band's third album, recorded at Studio Studio Nyhagen in the course of 2005, is their most powerful musical
offering so far. 1349 have refined their highly reputed sound into audible hellfire. Hell no longer awaits- it is here