Wounds of Hatred and Slavery(2006)

01. Wounds (Intro)
02. The Return Of Frozen Wind
03. Night Evilness
04. Under Hate Red Star You Born
05. Dont Follow Me
06. Hatred
07. The Last March Of The Crucified
08. Corrupted Shadow
09. Through The Mist
10. Slavery (Outro)


Born in 1995, Eternal Majesty has developed his own vision of Black Metal to celebrate your inside Darkness . With his mid tempo,
speed, a little bit melodic and depressive Black Metal, added arrangements are creating dark and cold atmospheres. Now Eternal
Majesty is a vision beyond good and evil, a spectator of human misery.

Discography : first demo "Dark Empire" in 1997- Split demo tape with Antaeus in 1998 – Evil Consecration live tape in 2000 – None
shall escape the wrath split CD (with Judas Iscariot (US), Krieg ( US) & Macabre Omen ( Gr)) in 2000 - Split LP with Temple of Baal
( fr ) in 2001 - SPK Kommando Split EP with Antaeus, Deviant and Hell Militia in 2001- From war to darkness (first album) in 2003 –
Night Shadows Mcd in 2005.

Line up: Navint (Sepulchral Goetia) - Martyr (Traumatic Hellstrings) – Sagoth (Throbbing Black Art) – Thorgon (Battle Artillery)