Above The Weeping World (2006)

1. The Gale
2. Mortal Share
3. Drawn to Black
4. Change of Heart
5. At the Gates of Sleep  
6. The Killjoy
7. Last Statement
8. Devoid of Caring 
9. In the Groves of Death






Since The Day It All Came Down [order]
In The Halls Of Awaiting [order]

Insomnium began to take shape during the austere spring of 1997. In a somnolent town of Joensuu, located in the easternmost part of Finland, four young men were forming a fierce metal band. From the beginning it was clear that this band would make music that was brutal and yet melodic, full of contrasts and changing atmospheres. They took the best traits of their favourite bands and moulded these influences into a new kind of entity. The result was the marriage of melodic Scandinavian death metal and traditional Finnish tunes. Lyrics came to be sorrowful, dream-like tales of love and death, often set amidst the Finnish nature.

During the next few years Insomnium rehearsed intesively and made two highly acclaimed demos. In the beginning of 2001 founding members, guitarist Ville Friman, drummer Markus Hirvonen and bassist/vocalist Niilo Sevänen, attached a new guitarist Ville Vänni to the band. Now Insomnium was stronger than ever and ready to rise to the next level. A deal with Candlelight Records was signed in the same spring and recording of the debut album began in the summer.

”In the Halls of Awaiting” was released in April 2002 and it introduced a band that had evolved in many ways. The legacy of the Scandinavian death metal was still the crux of the music but new layers had appeared around it. There were more nuances and depth in the songs, and the music was more versatile and challenging than before. Progressive shades had crept into the songs, and in many ways the band had stepped aside from the mainstream of melodic death metal. This development was even more evident on the band’s second album “Since the Day It All Came Down”, which was released in March 2004. Crushing riffs, catchy harmonies and wistful acoustic passages were all still there, but the songs took surprising and meandering paths, leading the listener to a dark journey through uncharted domains.

Insomnium’s third album “Above the Weeping World” was forged in the famous Fantom Studio during the spring of 2006. This proved to be an excellent decision, since now the overall sound became much heavier and richer than before. Compositions and arrangements have reached a new pinnacle as well, and these nine songs of fury and woe present a band that knows its own strenghts. This is a tighter, meaner and more menacing album; abundant and enduring, challenging and yet catchy. An album filled with doom-laden stories, influenced by such poets as Hölderlin, Bourdillon, Poe and Leino. And together these tunes and words form captivating atmospheres; unseen vistas of prodigious beauty and searing despair.