Grace Submerged (2007)

01. Guilty Am I
02. Moonlit
03. Going North
04. Don't Believe A Word
05. ...And Then The World Froze
06. The Final Rest
07. Deprivation
08. Provenance Of Hate
09. Dead End Poem
10. Submerged



Nostalgic, poignant and whimsical, OCTAVIA SPERATIS’s outstanding debut ‘Winter Enclosure’ (Candlelight Records) was embraced by both critics and audience when released in May 2005. Centred within doom metal, the heavy riffs, weaved around ethereal vocals have won OCTAVIA flattering comparisons to the likes of CANDLEMASS, THE GATHERING and THE THIRD AND THE MORTAL. OCTAVIA reached top 10 best newcomer acts of 2005 in highly important Terrorizer magazine and top UK hard rock magazine, Kerrang! described the album as ‘Extravagant,
dramatic doom with a rock ‘n roll heart.’

OCTAVIA’s second album ‘Grace Submerged’ was released in May 2007 also through Candlelight. The album was highly acclaimed and well covered in the European press. Among others did Rock Hard (7,5/10) say: "The Gathering meets Candlemass meets Lacuna Coil meets Evanescence - Definitiv eine der besten Underground-Platten des Monats!" (English: “..definitively one of the best underground CDs of the month!”).

Like ‘Winter Enclosure’, this album is recorded and produced by Herbrand Larsen and Arve Isdal (Enslaved, Audrey Horne, I, Sahg). Also Morfeus (Limbonic Art, Dimension f3h) and Bjørnar Nilsen (singer of Vulture Industries and producer of several Bergen bands Helheim, Vulture Industries and Bourbon Flame) contributed parts of the latter recordings. The album was mixed by Geir Luedy (Lydriket) and Herbrand Larsen.

Since the origin in 2000 OCTAVIA has played several Norwegian festivals including Hole In The Sky, Ride This Train, Slottsfjellfestivalen, 1001 Watt, Lost Weekend and Scream Fest. After showcasing at by:Larm 2004 as one of the 50 most promising acts in Norway, they landed their record deal with UK-based Candlelight Records. Alongside several headlining tours in the UK, OCTAVIA has supported metal legends such as PARADISE LOST, CATHEDRAL, CRADLE OF FILTH, AMON AMARTH, FINNTROLL and FIELDS OF THE NEPHELIM.

Being a band consisting mainly of girls with a female singer the comparisons with other well known “female fronted bands” seems to be unavoidable. But growing up in Bergen with their mates in Enslaved, Immortal, Gorgoroth and so on, Octavia has their platform within the extreme and old school metal scene. The band has managed to create their own sound being embraced by both goth and other metal heads.

OCTIAVIA is currently working on their next tours in the UK and Europe for 2008 alongside making brand new song for their next album.

Winter Enclosure:
Kerrang: "Finally, a non-male metal band with the style and charisma to shatter the usual stereotypes. ‘Extravagant, dramatic doom with a rock ‘n roll heart.’

Terrorizer: "One of the most spine-tingling debuts in the realm of female-fronted gothic metal in specific, and metal in general."

Zero Tolerance: "Dripping with class, Winter Enclosure is truly a 'tour de force', musically, intellectually, and emotionally."

Grace Submerged:
Classic Rock: “ It`s a winning combination, one can`t help feel these Norwegian doom merchants are on the cusp of something special.

Graham Finney, Big Cheese magazine: “Brilliant new album from Norway’s finest goths”.
“…the sound of a band who are surely destined for even bigger things upon the release of this gorgeous album”

Steve Beebee, Kerrang: “Echoes of Nightwish and Lacuna Coil gather here in massive aural waves, and Octavia Sperati are worthy of both comparisons”