IHSAHN Releases Second Single “Twice Born” + Video Ahead of Album Release


Releases Second Single “Twice Born” 

+ Video Ahead of Album Release 

Eponymous Concept Album due February 16th

Two melodically interlinked versions of the same album: one prog metal, one fully symphonic

Check Out the Video for 

“Twice Born” HERE

Check Out the Video for

”Twice Born Orchestral” HERE

Art taps into the metaphysical and the archetypes of our existence – it lets us experience loss, death, love – it prepares us for all of those things in some way. That’s the value, that’s the perspective I wish to create from.” – IHSAHN 

IHSAHN has released the second single from his forthcoming eponymous album. 

Twice Born” is a fraught maelstrom of symphonic metal which continues the conceptual storyline from previous single, “Pilgrimage To Oblivion“. 

The new album, definitively titled ‘Ihsahn’, will be released on February 16th, 2024 via Candlelight Records. Daring to push the realms of creative expressionism even further with his eighth studio offering, the Norwegian progressive metal visionary will release two melodically interlinked versions of the same album: one prog metal, one fully symphonic, both creating a cinematically-influenced masterpiece. 

Accompanying the new single are two videos, one for each version (metal and orchestral). The video for the metal version was filmed by Shaun Hodson at Loki Films. For the orchestral version of the track, an animated visualiser by Costin Chioreanu has been created.

Commenting on the new track, “This second single, ‘Twice Born‘, picks up the conceptual narratives right where the previous single, ‘Pilgrimage to Oblivion‘, ended. Both the metal version of this song and orchestral version will be accompanied by two more videos, continuing the storylines. Musically this song is perhaps slightly more playful than ‘Pilgrimage To Oblivion‘ but follows the same interplay of screams, guitars and orchestra.”

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