Latest Releases

URNE - A Feast On Sorrow
EMPEROR - Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Abbey Road Half-Speed Master Picture Disc
OPETH (ALUMNI) - My Arms, Your Hearse (Abbey Road Remaster)
OPETH (ALUMNI) - Morningrise (Abbey Road Remaster)
OPETH (ALUMNI) - Orchid (Abbey Road Remaster)
MMXX - The Next Wave (EP)
Deitus - Irreversible
IHSAHN - Fascination Street Sessions
OPETH (ALUMNI) - Opeth – Half Speed Masters
Abduction - Black Blood
MMXX - Shadow Haven Ft. Dan Swanö
Armed For Apocalypse - Ritual Violence
Darkest Era - Wither On The Vine
Armed For Apocalypse - Live Through The Storm
MMXX - Sacred Cargo
Darkest Era - Tithonus
Armed For Apocalypse - Hourglass
MMXX - This Breath Is Not My Breath Feat. Mikko Kotamaki
Cage Fight - Cage Fight
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