SHRAPNEL Announce New Album & Release New Single “Amber Screams” – Video Streaming Now

Announce New Album ‘In Gravity’

due Out May 31st

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UK heavyweights SHRAPNEL have announced their forthcoming album ‘In Gravity‘ will be released via Candlelight Records on May 31st. To celebrate, the band has released a new single and video, “Amber Screams“. It’s a powerful track that looks at the harrowing issue of being stuck in a cycle of substance abuse.

The band comments on the new single:

“‘Amber Screams‘ delves into the harmful cycle of substance abuse and the search for greater highs becoming the escape from the plummeting normalcy of addiction. 

“This is simply the most bludgeoning and heavy we’ve ever sounded. It’s a pretty sombre and introspective song, drawing on our love of bands like Alice In ChainsDeftones, and Gojira, and turning this into something new. We really wanted to lean into our post-metal side and ended up writing what is possibly our favourite song on the new album. We really wanted to translate a feeling of despondency and a sense of teetering on the edge of the abyss.” 

Watch the New Video for “Amber Screams” HERE

New album ‘In Gravity‘ is the sound of rebirth and marks the launch of a new chapter for SHRAPNEL. Drawing on their ever-deepening well of experience and influence, ‘In Gravity‘ sees a band at the height of their song-writing prowess. Whether dealing in extremity and complexity, Gojira-inspired bludgeoning heaviness, or a newly emerging sense of modern melodic maturity, SHRAPNEL is able to weave its sonic palette in new, genre-defying directions.

Guitarist Chris Martin comments: “We’ve channeled every bit of suffering, devastation, and emotion that we’ve experienced in recent years. We’ve never been so confident about our own material.”

Helmed by Swedish super producer Jens Bogren (SepulturaOpethAmon AmarthIhsahn) and featuring collaborations with Scott Kennedy (Bleed From Within) and modern shred virtuoso Bradley Hall, ‘In Gravity sees SHRAPNEL breaking out of their shackles where others have failed, and staking their claim to the British metal throne. 

Continuing, Chris adds,

“As an album, ‘In Gravity‘ really has a focus on how we all deal with problems of varying extremities. We wanted to take a look at how some of the solutions to our problems become problems in themselves, be that addiction or anything else.

“It’s an album about how difficult it can be to face those problems many of us share. It was written during tragedy, and we’re rolling it out during some difficult times for us. While we don’t have the answers, we also realize that the way we deal with issues is to create art, which in itself is a healer. We’ve really been holding the mirror up and exercising some demons on this one. It’s led to the best album we’ve ever written, and something we hope will connect other people far more deeply than anything we’ve released previously.”

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‘In Gravity’ Track List:

1. In Gravity

2. Amber Screams

3. Guardian

4. Breaker

5. Judgement

6. Dark Age

7. Follow The Cold

8. As Above…

9. …So Below

10. Absolution

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