Shrapnel Unleashes Powerful Anthem “Guardian” as a Preview of Upcoming Album

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New Album ‘In Gravity’

due Out May 31st

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Renowned UK metal titans, SHRAPNEL, have unleashed their latest single, “Guardian,” as a preview of their highly anticipated album, ‘In Gravity.’ Scheduled for release through Candlelight on May 31st, this upcoming album promises to be a monumental addition to their discography.

Hailed by the band as their fiercest offering yet, the latest single ‘”Guardian” plunges into the profound depths of human strength amidst life’s most formidable trials. Positioned as a pivotal track on the forthcoming album ‘In Gravity,’ “Guardian” encapsulates a visceral fusion of tension and resolute determination. This contemporary metal masterpiece stands as a poignant tribute to individuals confronting adversity head-on.

The band comments on the new single: 

“EXTREMITY / ANGER / SOUL SEARCHING – this was the formula for the most aggressive song SHRAPNEL has ever delivered.

“Born from tragedy, ‘Guardian‘ seeks to understand how we cope with the hardest circumstances life throws at us. A centrepiece of the new album ‘In Gravity,’ ‘Guardian‘ evokes a sense of anxiety and determination with gritty, pounding verses giving in to a massive and explosive chorus vocal hook. This is a modern metal song for those affected by tragedy.

“The last few years have been really tough for all members of SHRAPNEL with divorce, loss of loved ones, and complete life upheaval. The whole album has become based around the idea of coping strategies, self-reflection, and dealing with anger, frustration, and sorrow. ‘Guardian‘ is one of the most direct examples of this and hopefully, it speaks to people with as much gravitas as it has had on us through the writing and recording process.”

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The latest release, ‘In Gravity,’ signifies a profound rebirth and heralds a fresh era for SHRAPNEL. Drawing from their rich tapestry of experience and diverse influences, the album showcases the band’s peak in songwriting excellence. From intricate and intense compositions to Gojira-inspired powerful heaviness, and a newfound touch of contemporary melodic sophistication, SHRAPNEL skillfully navigates through uncharted musical territories, pushing boundaries and defying traditional genres.

Guitarist Chris Martin comments: “We’ve channeled every bit of suffering, devastation, and emotion that we’ve experienced in recent years. We’ve never been so confident about our own material.”

Under the expert guidance of acclaimed Swedish producer Jens Bogren (known for his work with SepulturaOpethAmon AmarthIhsahn), and with notable contributions from Scott Kennedy (Bleed From Within) and contemporary shred virtuoso Bradley Hall, ‘In Gravity’ showcases SHRAPNEL‘s liberation from constraints that have hindered others, boldly asserting their rightful place on the British metal scene.

Continuing, Chris adds,

“As an album, ‘In Gravity‘ really has a focus on how we all deal with problems of varying extremities. We wanted to take a look at how some of the solutions to our problems become problems in themselves, be that addiction or anything else.

“It’s an album about how difficult it can be to face those problems many of us share. It was written during tragedy, and we’re rolling it out during some difficult times for us. While we don’t have the answers, we also realize that the way we deal with issues is to create art, which in itself is a healer. We’ve really been holding the mirror up and exercising some demons on this one. It’s led to the best album we’ve ever written, and something we hope will connect other people far more deeply than anything we’ve released previously.”

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‘In Gravity’ Track List:

1. In Gravity

2. Amber Screams

3. Guardian

4. Breaker

5. Judgement

6. Dark Age

7. Follow The Cold

8. As Above…

9. …So Below

10. Absolution

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