UK Black Metal Standouts THE INFERNAL SEA Announce New Album ‘Hellfenlic’ Out January 26th

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Black metallers THE INFERNAL SEA have signed to Candlelight Records for the release of their fourth studio album, ‘Hellfenlic’, which will be released on January 26th, 2024. Ahead of the new album the band have released their savage first single, “Bastard of the East’, with accompanying video directed by Morgan Tedd at Erase Creative.

Comments THE INFERNAL SEA on joining the prestigious Candlelight Records roster: “It is a great honour to join Candlelight Records, a label that we highly respect for not only their output, longevity, but also their commitment to supporting homegrown talent. The next chapter of our darkened path begins today.” 

THE INFERNAL SEA have been a plague on this Earth since 2011, composing fierce and terrifying black metal from the Fenlands of England, conjuring compelling tales of English & European history throughout the Medieval period.

Over the course of several releases, THE INFERNAL SEA have established themselves as black metal wraiths, identifiable only as shadowy figures exemplified by plague doctor inspired masks and shrouds. New album ‘Hellfenlic’, which is an Old English translation meaning ‘a Fen of hell’, is 8 tracks of seethingly raw, black n roll infused rage and follows their three highly acclaimed studio albums, ‘Negotium Crucis’ (2020), ‘The Great Mortality’ (2016) and ‘Call Of The Augur’ (2012). 

Hailing from the East of England, an area of bleak, flat, desolation that echoes throughout their music, much of THE INFERNAL SEA‘s storytelling draws from this area. ‘Hellfenlic’, centres around the brutal persecution of men and women by the most infamous Witchfinder General, Matthew Hopkins who was most active throughout the East Anglian area. It tells of his obsession, his religious fervor, his brutality, and ultimately his downfall.

On the new single “Bastard of the East“: 

“This single delves deep inside the notion of how incredibly delusional Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, was. He was a brutal, sadistic murderer, who strongly believed that he was carrying out God’s work. He extracted false confessions out of many fearful innocent women, during a time of great paranoia within the Church. He believed demons were rampant, causing mischief, fornicating, and spreading blasphemy. It was the Witchfinders’ mission to protect the church and the people from these ‘lies’.”

Forthcoming release ‘Hellfenlic’ was engineered by James Burke at the Noise Cabin with mixing and mastering completed by Tom Dring at The Arch Recording Studio and cover art by Khaos Diktator Design.

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1. Lord Abhorrent

2. Shadow Of The Beast

3. Witchfinder

4. The Hunter

5. Bastard Of The East 

6. Black Witchery

7. Frozen Fen

8. Messenger Of God 

THE INFERNAL SEA have continued to elevate their live performances with a terrifying and captivating ritualistic stage show, enthralling audiences wherever they may roam. This has included performances at key UK festivals such as Bloodstock Festival, Incineration FestivalDamnation FestivalA Night of SalvationReaper FestCosmic Void as well as a whole host of key support slots to bands such as Anaal Nathrakh1349TaakeNapalm DeathAkercockeNargarothPrimordialHellripperTsjuderMorkRotting ChristHulderStrigoiAbigail WilliamsArch Enemy and many more. 

THE INFERNAL SEA continue to impress crowds with their visceral headline shows including a string of recent sold-out performances in 2023.

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