UK black metallers Abduction release haunting new single ‘In Exaltation Of The Supreme Being’

New LP Black Blood out now

Black metallers Abduction have released the haunting new single ‘In Exaltation Of The Supreme Being’, taken from their new album Black Blood, out now.

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Abduction state: “’In Exaltation of the Supreme Bein’g is a signpost to the death of the ego and the ascension of the true spiritual self, beyond the confines of the 5 senses and the relentless slog of the dopamine/cortisol cycle. 

“The world is a cold and terrible place for most people in it, most of the time. Dismal, and suffocated by chancers for profit or by a calculated dismantling of our inner being. It seems you are a product, or you are an inadvertent customer. There is no other choice.

“’The very air you breathe has a price’“Death is the only solution.” 

Formed in 2016 as a shadowy single-man entity, Abduction have made astonishingly fast progress, carving a fearsome reputation for themselves as a standout act in an increasingly crowded extreme metal scene.

Performing alone in the early years – a rare sight, despite the many one-man bands in the genre ­– Abduction’s central protagonist A|V then expanded the band into a full live outfit, to better create intense, ritualistic and immersive performances, both at underground shows and larger festivals.

The forthcoming release of Black Bloodsees Abduction’s most ambitious and rewarding album to date. Recorded ­– like its predecessor, 2019’s All Pain As Penance – by Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name Studios in Nottingham, this nightmarish yet entrancing listen pushes Abduction into new territories without straying from their core sound. From the hypnotically earnest and haunting ‘In Exaltation of the Supreme Being’, to the expansive 11-minute epic ‘Plutonian Gate’, with its marked progressive and psychedelic overtones, to the blend of uncompromising, stripped-down black metal and slower, almost post-metal textures of ‘A Psylacybic Death’, it is an intense and dynamic experience.

Black Blood draws both from the band’s roots and new inspirations. The fact that members of British black metal bands The Sun’s Journey Through the Night and Revenant Marquis appear is a welcome nod to where Abduction come from, yet the fact that the band are atypical for a UKBM act ­– no rousing odes to England or 90s Scandinavian formulas here ­– is perhaps their most precious attribute.

Before this album was recorded, I knew I wanted to step things up a few notches in terms of taking this vision to a wider audience,” A|V states. “Candlelight approached me – indirectly, as they didn’t know who I was behind the mask – and offered a deal that more than meets where I want to take this project. Rather than continue to exist in the well-established sphere I’ve grown comfortable in, I decided that now is the time to take a leap into the unknown. Much like the narratives of the songs, there is both trepidation and elation. Time will be the judge…”


1. Kernos Crown

2. Dismantling The Corpse Of Demeter

3. Plutonian Gate

4. Lightless At The Grand Conjunction

5. A Psylacybic Death 6. In Exaltation Of The Supreme Being

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